Teachers’ take on Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Writer
To demonstrate gratitude for all its teachers and faculty members, UHS ASB planned several events during the week of April 4 through 8th or Staff Appreciation Week, such as a Staff Appreciation Breakfast, an ice cream social, a staff dodgeball game and the annual Tommy Awards ceremony. ASB also delivered thank-you notes to teachers from students.
Mr. James Meunier (World Languages Dept.) particularly enjoyed the Staff Appreciation Breakfast on Monday morning, where teachers and faculty members were served donuts, bagels, muffins and coffee. “The teacher’s dining area was beautifully decorated, and posters were displayed with kind messages for all of the teaching staff. It was a great way to start off teacher appreciation week.”
Ms. Karla Covarrubias (World Languages Dept.), who has been teaching Spanish at UHS for eight years, participated in the dodgeball game and attended the Tommy Awards during Wednesday at lunch. “It was really fun, and I enjoyed it a lot,” she said. “I played last year as well, and I truly enjoyed it because it brought back childhood memories. I used to play this game when I lived in Mexico.” To make staff appreciation week even better next year, Covarrubias suggested adding a teachers and staff vs. students dodgeball match.
Similarly, Mr. Nicholas Brighton (Science Dept.), who joined UHS last year, felt that more activities that involve both teachers and students could be added next year. He commented on his favorite part of Staff Appreciation Week, saying “I really enjoy the letters students write to their teachers. This form of appreciation is meaningful to me because the students really have to go out of their way to participate. It also gives me an opportunity to positively reflect on my own teaching practice.”
Ms. Shannon Lenert (Mathematics Dept.), however, suggested a more playful addition to Staff Appreciation Week. “I think it would be fun if the teachers each got to choose a student to pie in the face,” she said with a joking smile. “I know who I’d pick.”
Covarrubias praised ASB for everything it does during Staff Appreciation Week and commented on what this week means to her, saying “ASB does a nice job of recognizing and showing us appreciation. I really like having this week dedicated to show us that we are appreciated. It is very satisfying and rewarding to receive a thank you from a student or being recognized in some other form.”