Councils get ready for Spirit Week festivities

On October 24, University High School (UHS) will be hosting its annual Spirit Night, part of a week-long competition between class councils to best represent their assigned theme. This year’s theme is “American Road Trip.” During summer vacation, each class council was assigned a specific city to model their murals and displays after. Since then, they have continued to work on their projects weekly. The exhibits will be judged by a group of teachers, the Associated Student Body President Hunter Craft (Sr.) and Vice President Carli Jipsen (Sr.), Principal John Pehrson (Admin.) and Assistant Principal Michael Georgino (Admin.).

Freshman council was assigned Hollywood. Victoria Pham (Fr.), Vice President of freshman council, said,”Preparing for Spirit Night has been such an amazing experience! Our council was extremely excited about having the Hollywood theme. The workhouses gave our council a great opportunity to get to know each other better and promote school spirit. One challenge we faced was agreeing as a whole on what we were creating, but we are excited for everybody to see what we have created!”

Sophomore council was assigned San Francisco. Shiva Verma (So.), Sophomore Class President, said, “We wanted to show the diversity of the city, especially the tastes and interests of the residents. We had difficulty on which murals to give importance to because they all represent important parts of San Francisco. We thought this year’s theme was really fitting!”

Junior council was assigned New York City. Shadi Roueenfar (Jr.), a junior council member, said, “This year’s Spirit Night theme has been the best ever since I have been in UHS. We’ve made pretty good progress over the past few months and we’re all very excited to share what we’ve made with the rest of the school. Some challenges we’ve faced include maintaining our budget and deciding which aspects of NYC we want to replicate.”

Senior council was assigned Las Vegas. Keisho Awamoto (Sr.), Vice President of senior council, said, “The biggest challenge was figuring out what to build for Spirit Week.” Senior council did not want to create a miniature version of the Las Vegas strip, especially due to their limited budget and appeal to audiences. Awamoto said, “What we had to do was figure out how to capture the essence of Las Vegas by using iconic buildings coupled with the culture of Vegas, like the gambling and nightlife that everyone knows and loves.”

Spirit Week festivities start this Monday, October 21, with a lunchfest and conclude with the Homecoming game on Friday night and the Homecoming dance on Saturday evening.

Be sure to check out Spirit Night next Thursday from 4-9 p.m. to see each council’s exhibits!


Staff Writer