Colorado: a poem

Staff Writer

Trees glisten as they wave goodbye
They stand stiff in the swallowing wind and cluster in the distant sun.
There is no greater stillness than this.
The mountains shiver as the snow drops down,
Down towards the rivers below.
Icicles dangle from the gleaming rocks,
Covered in majestic white,
There is no greater beauty than this.
The air i breathe is clean,
My exhale crystallizes in the white sky and sparkles against the light;
There is no greater peace than this.
The ground crunches below me where my feet hit the snow.
There, it leaves a mark.
The breeze glides across my face towards the other side of the cliff.
There is no greater feeling I long for, no greater good.
I smile to think of my coming back,
Back to the mountains where i shiver against the snow that drops down,
Down towards my feet below.