Univision participates in 48 Hour Film Festival 2017


Keyan Kazemian (Sr.) and Anahita Amirshahi (Jr.), co-directors, discuss the upcoming shot with scriptwriter Adam Eldefrawy (Sr.) and actress Ava Soltani (Sr.). (Courtesy of May-Lynn Le)

Staff Writer
The Univision Crew participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival on March 3-5.
The 48 Hour Film Festival is organized by the FilmEd Academy of the Arts, an organization that supports film programs in 14 Orange County high schools.
Two weeks before the festival date, each school was given a genre and had to produce a script. On March 3, each school’s team leader received an email with a line of dialogue, a character name and a prop to use in their film. Then, each school had 48 hours to cast, direct, film, edit and upload a short film based on their respective genre.
This year the genre for UHS was horror. The film is called “Danny,” a story about a babysitter who babysits a child. Throughout the film, the child kept saying that odd events were being caused by his friend Danny. The babysitter assumes that Danny is his imaginary friend, but spooky and odd things keep happening.
All of the actors volunteered to be in the film. The babysitter was played by Ava Soltani (Sr.) and Danny was played by Soltani’s dad. Noah, the child being babysat, was played by Kiana Ghamari (Sr.)‘s cousin.
All of the crew members were from Univision. But unfortunately, more than half of the crew had prior commitments or became sick, so there were only a few members on set. The members who participated included Keyan Kazemian (Sr.), Anahita Amirshahi (Jr.), Bethany Huang (Sr.), May-Lynn Le (So.), Ghamari, Vasiliy Bondarchuk (Jr.), David Serrano (So.), Adam Eldefrawy (Sr.), Tristan Mogari (So.) and Avery Melzer (Jr.).   
Although the process was long and tiring, the crew successfully completed another 48 Hour Film Festival.
“I’m incredibly satisfied with how our film turned out this year,” Univision executive producer Kazemian said. “Unlike previous years, we pre-produced and scripted everything so when the time came to start production, we finished quickly and had time to sleep.”
Because the crew spent so much time together during the weekend, the members became closer with each other.
“Although the entire Univision team didn’t participate, those of us who did got a lot closer,” Kazemian said. “It’s really a bonding and learning experience for us all.”
For underclassmen, this was a great opportunity to gain experience.
“Going into the [festival] I was super anxious because of time. I was one of the producers of the film so I was in charge of making the schedules of each day, like when a certain scene should be completed or when our breaks would be,” Le recalled.
“This was, of course, a rough schedule because some scenes had more complicated components than others so those would take a lot longer to complete, but the 48 [hours] actually went way better than all of us could have predicted – each night we all got to go home and sleep for a decent amount of time.”