Names: a poem

Staff Writer

I know a boy named Robert, but people call him Bob.
I never understood why,
Is it because he jumps up and down a lot,
It’s not really his fault,
He has ADHD and can’t sit still,
Well not at his own will.
He can’t really stop until
He goes to bed.
But even then his head keeps on going
It’s hard to sleep knowing tomorrow will be just like today,
The doctor says he’s okay
But he still hopes and prays that his mind won’t wander
Because he has thoughts that don’t matter
Like, if your name is Richard,
Why do people call you Dick?
Is it because your figure seems a little phallic
Is it because your mind is a bit sick,
And you’re mean to others
But the name shouldn’t stick
There aren’t bad people
Only people who do bad deeds
Can’t you see he’s only trying,
To be kind but keeps failing?
See, I have a name and there are two l’s
It’s like Rachel with one misspelling at the end
And yes it has the word hell in it too
But what’s worse is even friends spell it
Rachel, Rachael or Rachelle.