A Bad Moms Christmas: A Movie Review

Bad Moms Christmas
A Bad Moms Christmas is the direct sequel to the 2016 film Bad Moms. (Courtesy of Cineworld)

Staff Writer

The Bad Moms are back near Christmas time to give us some jolly fun. Audiences loved Bad Moms and now we get a sequel to put us into the Christmas spirit.  A Bad Moms Christmas was directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and was released on November 1st, 2017.

It’s Christmas time for the three underappreciated moms we all know and love: Amy, played by Mila Kunis, Kiki, played by Kristen Bell and Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn. This year they are trying to give their kids a perfect Christmas, but this proves to be a challenge with the arrival of all three of their strange mothers.

The acting was definitely the film’s high point. As usual, Kunis and her fellow actors, Bell and Hahn, put on an outstanding performance. My favorite mother by far in the film is Carla. She is always willing to speak anything on her mind without hesitation. This trio of women definitely made a comical bunch, but the lines they were given could have sounded less like the humor of a little kid and contained more sophisticated comedy.

A Bad Moms Christmas definitely brought laughter throughout its audience with its immature infantile humor, but we already got a lot of that from the last movie. Although the film was funny, it did not really need to be made because it was a similar, if not downgraded, version of the film’s predecessor.

Although the film’s jokes usually consisted of immature humor, some of the montages of the mothers having fun were quite entertaining. When they all took their kids and mothers to a trampoline park, and all six of the mothers had a dodgeball fight, I could not stop laughing.

Amy’s mom Ruth, played by Christina Baranski, brought many comical aspects to the film. The moment she arrived she offered her grandchildren a handful of Xboxes and a pile of Itunes gift cards. The faces the children made when they received all these expensive gifts were priceless.

A Bad Moms Christmas brought in $78.4 million which is good for its $28 million budget. Although, this definitely is a major downgrade compared to the $183.8 million the film’s predecessor made with a budget of only $20 million.

One thing that I was curious about was the release date for the film. It came out on November 1st. This is quite a while from Christmas and I feel like by the time Christmas time arrives the film will be pulled from theatres. I believe the film’s Christmas charm could’ve been better if it came out near Christmas time instead of over a month before it.

A Bad Moms Christmas may bring laughter throughout its audiences, but after a while, it will just feel repetitive and boring. I highly doubt the Bad Moms series will be able to continue after its major decrease in box office revenue and in comedic elements.