UHS Talent Show Auditions

Staff Writer
The UHS Drama Club is hosting the annual Fall Talent Show, which will show off a variety of talent presented by UHS’ very own students. Senior Angelina Ross and junior Davide Costa, the president and vice president of the Drama Club, are in charge of managing and overseeing how the show runs. Drama teacher Ranae Bettger works to produce the show along with the help of her Advanced Technical Theatre students.
Bettger, who has been producing the talent show for many consecutive years, shared her favorite parts of the show were “the surprise of the individual acts, and it’s a very special fundraiser for the Drama Club as it allows all of UHS to share their inner beauty with their peers.”

The talent show auditions were held after school on Wednesday September 26. Each act was given five minutes to present their talents to the show directors. The directors were then responsible for narrowing the acts into an hour and fifteen minute long show that would consist of diverse performances from different student grade levels. The talent show cast list should be revealed on Thursday, September 27.
Before auditioning, senior Sheila Annett revealed that she was auditioning with a piano piece accompanied by singing. Annett, who had done the talent show three years in a row with an acapella group, the Undertones, will be performing her first solo act this year.
When sharing her thoughts on the talent show, Annett said, “The talent show is highly underrated. It’s called a variety show for a reason. You never know who has the most random talent. It’s really interesting to see.”
With the talent show taking place only ten days after the auditions, Ross shared that the talent show is “one of the more low-stakes productions you can do, so there’s less rehearsal. It’s a short fun thing you can do if you can’t participate in the bigger stage productions.”
Costa, who, along with Ross, was responsible for selecting the students to perform in the show, said, “I am excited for it. I know there’s going to be a lot of wacky acts. Last year with a group of four other guys, we performed [the] Jingle Bells Mean Girls dance. A lot of people laughed and I’m pretty sure people liked it.”
Bettger had wise advice for students who may be interested in auditioning for the talent show in the future.
“Fail big! Life is about adventures and growth. If you don’t try new things and give them your all, you’ll stifle and stagnate your experience,” she said. “I’d encourage everyone to be brave and share their unique flare with the supportive community at University High School, we have a talented and diverse student body who all deserve a time to shine!”
The Talent Show will be hosted on October 4, 5, and 6 at 7 PM in the Big Theater.