Boys Basketball finish strong in St. Margarets Tournament

Staff Writer
Boys Basketball finished with a record of 3-1 in the St. Margarets Tournament and has a 6-4 overall record in the season. The tournament took place on December 4 and ended on December 8. University won the first three games against Valley Christian (66-42), Saddleback Valley Christian (97-67), and San Juan Hills (69-60), but lost in the final game against Newport Harbor (58-71).   
Senior captain Brandon Liu generally felt proud after the game, giving details on what elements of their playstyle helped the team advance in the tournament.
“I think the team played well and we definitely gave our best effort. The main thing that helped us reach the championship round  was our three-point shooting and full court press. It was a good test to see how our team fared against teams in a higher division than us. Overall, it was a fun, competitive, tournament,” Liu said.
Junior Sam Aryan had similar thoughts as Liu.
“We had a good tournament all around. We went 3-1; we got to the championship but lost a tough game to Newport Harbor. I am looking forward towards our next tournament because we are doing good with a record of 6-4,” Aryan said.
One player in particular, sophomore Kody Uyesugi helped lead the team to victory through his offensive power.
“I think we played fine. We have some growing to do as a team, but we claimed some tough victories. Kody Uyesugi is also leading our team to many of our wins and I hope he can continue his offensive excellence through the rest of the season,” junior Will Stenta said.  
Despite the victory, junior Jonathan Lin agreed that the team had some things to fix.
“Although we got far into the tournament, I feel like I could have made more perimeter shots; but I think that just comes with more practice,” Lin said.
Boys Basketball’s next game will be on Tuesday, December 11, where the team will be competing in the Irvine Tournament.