Boys Basketball falls to Irvine 51-42

Staff Writer
Boys Basketball lost to Irvine by a score of 42-51 on Friday, January 25. The team made an effort to catch up in the 2nd half but still fell short. The loss could have been exacerbated by a lack of the captain due to injury as well as a few players.
Junior Will Stenta attributed the defeat to a lack of offense yet was hopeful that the team would triumph in their next match.
“Although we lost, I thought overall our team put forth a good effort. We had a poor shooting night and it was difficult for us to get any offense really going.” Stenta said.
Sophomore Kody Uyesugi shared the same sentiments as Stenta and was optimistic about the rest of the season.
“It’s unfortunate that we lost, but it was a game to grow on. Hopefully, we can get the wins this upcoming week,” Uyesugi commented.
Senior captain Brandon Liu could not participate in the games recently because he has been hurt.
“Unfortunately I have been injured for the past couple games so I’m not that much of a help. It’s hard seeing our team lose,” Liu said.
Junior Sam Hedayat Far was especially worried about the team’s chances at CIF due to a smaller roster from injuries.
“In all honesty, the game wasn’t that great, we had a good defensive game our offense wasn’t good at all. That hurts our team, and even worse we had a couple guys out, so we needed more guys to step up. Right now we’re just focused on our last two games of the season because it affects whether our team will make it to CIF or not,” he mentioned.
Despite the loss, Junior Jonathan Lin further was still hopeful about the future and the team’s performance.
“It was a good and competitive match. We were good, Irvine was just a little better,” Lin stated.
Boys Basketball will face Woodbridge on January 31.