Boys Basketball defeats Woodbridge to advance to CIF

BBasketball 1
Junior Arjun Gill shoots a freethrow. (Claire K.)

Staff Writer
Boys Basketballs defeated Woodbridge 50-53 in final game of the season. The game was especially important, as it was the deciding match for the team for whether they would move onto CIF.
The team started off strong with a 15 point lead in the first half.
“Our team started off quickly and worked together as a team both offensively and defensively that ended up on a win,” junior Arjun Gill said.
However the momentum shifted in the second half. Despite this, the team still managed to hang on with a victory.
“It was a great game and I had a lot of fun, and many people came out to support. We started slipping a little in the second half, but we were still able to pull out with a [win],” junior Saman Hedayat Far said.
Sophomore Kody Uyesugi thought that the game went a lot more smoothly compared to previous ones.
“We played well as a team and our defense was much better than it was in the past. It would’ve been nice if we shot a little better however,” Uyesugi said.
Senior captain Brandon Liu lead the defence, breaking the season record for most blocks with 58.
“We won and a big part of our advantage was our defense and offensive rebounding,” Liu said.
Boys Basketball will play in CIF, the schedule currently being unknown.