Girls Basketball defeats Woodbridge to move onto CIF first in league

Heidi Jin, Staff Writer 

Girls Basketball defeated Woodbridge with 51-32 in their home game this past Thursday, resulting in an undefeated season of 10-0 in League.
“[The game] was amazing,” senior captain Malia Goldsmith said. “Our supportive trojan army was fantastic.”
This girls were determined to compete in CIF Finals and win another CIF championship.
“I feel amazing for these girls,” coach Nicole Bradshaw said. “That was our twentieth straight win in League.”
Determined to continue their winning streak, the girls played well during the match. The team was able to obtain a lead over Woodbridge of 18-11 in the first quarter, and 28-17 in the second.
“I think it was hard at the beginning,” Goldsmith said. “But as the end came, it started to pull away.
The girls pushed the game to its climax in the third quarter. Gaining 17 more points, victory became within reach.
“The highlight is the third quarter when we putting out the threes,” Goldsmith said.
The girls prepared well for every single game and devoted all their efforts to the match.
“I don’t wanna say [the match was] easy because we still needed to play hard through it,” junior Clair Kawata said. “It was a good win for us.”
Defense and offense are both crucial parts of a game. As a well-experienced team, the girls not only had a great offense but also a strong defense.
“Our defense was key to winning and our offense was good too,” Kawata said.
Overall, the team performed well consistently throughout the game. Some players played vital roles in gaining victory and stood out among others.
“We had some big contributions from Claire Kawata and [junior] Aryn Press, [senior] Neeyaz Cyrus, [senior] Kaylor Chott,” Goldsmith said.
The seniors had an excellent performance in their last league game, finishing their league basketball career with a remarkable success.
“Two years in a row, those girls get the experience of that championship and they get to have their year up on the banner forever now,” coach Bradshaw said. “All my seniors are amazing and I’m really going to miss them.”
Senior Goldsmith, serving as the team captain, is leading her team to this season’s CIF Finals. As a point guard, she also left an individual legacy on the school. Goldsmith currently holds the record for most points, most three point shots, most assists, and most steals of the ball.
“Malia got to set another school record,” coach Bradshaw said. “It was quite an enough accomplishment for her.”
The girls are now ready to move on to CIF and earn another championship for their school.