Mr. Kough to return from Afghanistan on March 25th

Staff Writer
Assistant Principal Mr. Kris Kough, who has been absent for a military tour in Afghanistan since April 2018, returned home from his deployment at the end of February.
Kough was deployed in Afghanistan as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard, and advised the Afghan Corps Commander and the army’s training center. In this role, he helped carrying out governance, local projects and humanitarian assistance and worked with soldiers around the world to do counter-terrorist work.
While in the field, Kough was interviewed by CNN as a representative of teachers in the military.
“We introduced ourselves [to Senator Lindsey Graham],” Kough said. “[He] turned to his assistant and said ‘I want the Colonel interviewed on CNN with Kate [Balduan] so Americans know we have teachers and school principals over here too.”
Kough’s role as the disciplinary vice principal role was taken on by Mr. Robert Jauregui during his tour.
Jauregui, a retired principal from Anaheim Union High School District, will be leaving upon Kough’s return. “I retired to start a wine company with some friends,” said Jauregui. “[When Kough comes back], I’ll be heading straight North to Napa Valley”.
Jauregui had 33 years of experience in education and this is the second time he came back to help at UHS.
“[The experience working at UHS] has been great. I love working with this team. The administrators are skilled,” Mr. Jauregui said. “ Uni is a very special place because we have a lot of kids that … have big goals and are willing to put the work in.”
While Kough was on military leave, Mr. Jeffrey Morano, the former Assistant Principal of Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, joined the administration team on October 30th, 2018. Mr. Morano was appointed by the district to develop new programs at UHS until the end of the school year. Despite misconceptions, his position is unrelated to Kough’s absence.
Kough will resume his duties as the disciplinary vice principal when he returns to campus on Monday, March 25, 2019.