Boys golf first in League

Heidi Jin, Staff Writer 

Boys Golf  clinched the win in a tight 192-193 contest against Beckman on tuesday.
“It was a great and crucial win for us,” coach Charles Shea said. “The win put us in a tie for 1st place with Woodbridge and Beckman.”
With a league record of 4-1 and an overall score of 6-2, the boys are looking forward to potentially winning this year’s league.
They lost 189-293 against Woodbridge in a close contest on March 28.
“[In] the game against Woodbridge, our team did not play as we should have,” Senior captain Connor O’Brian said. “The course was also not in the best condition leading to higher scores.”
Like Woodbridge, Beckman is a high-level team to compete with. Last year they were ranked second in league, just below Woodbridge, with a League record of 6-4.
“I think this match against Beckman was pretty tough and similar to the match against Woodbridge,” sophomore George Lu said. “The team shot pretty well overall and small mistakes that shouldn’t have happened from the other team on the last hole resulted in a Uni win in a one stroke lead.”
Beckman followed the team closely for the majority of the match and up until the very end it was not clear who would come out on top.
“Connor and I both shot two under that gave the team a four stroke lead in the first group,” Lu said. “And one of the freshmen [George Huang] came in clutch on the last hole and hit his approach shot at the pin and stopped nine inches from the hole and made a birdie.”
After winning a tough match against Beckman, the boys set some new goals and planned to practice more.
“With Woodbridge our next match is at home so we will be playing a couple practice matches against ourselves to prepare for them,” O’Brien said. “The next match in general is on Thursday so we will probably get some practice [on Wednesday] to prepare.”
The team’s next home game is on Tuesday, April 16 at Strawberry Farms against Portola High school.