Untitled: a poem

Illustrated by KAREN ZHENG

Illustrated by KAREN ZHENG

The end of the world begins with the stars collapsing,
when everything is too bright for the sky to stand.

You are made of hydrogen and helium
and all the spaces between constellations.

Everything dies in the end,
and when you do, your breaths
fill up the gaps between the stars instead of your lungs,
and your hipbones are smashed
and sprinkled across Orion’s Belt.

People never really leave;
they just learn to share their breaths with the sky.
Someday the night will be so full of stars (of people)
that it has to remake itself and all anyone will ever see
is light.

Don’t be scared, you will join them.
When the universe is remade,
stars recycled in humans are reborn.

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