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TuneIn Radio: an app review

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Have you ever been annoyed with your old clock radio at home, unable to find your favorite channels or stations due to poor reception? TuneIn Radio, a recently popular app, allows you to listen to more than 100,000 radio stations and 4 million podcasts on your phone or tablet. With this app, you can easily access different genres of music on your mobile device. TuneIn Radio lets you listen to any radio station from around the world in addition to local radio stations. With the $3.99 TuneIn Radio Pro version, you can even record an unlimited number of radio stations, similar to having a DVR for a radio.

Let’s say that a famous artist like John Legend is being interviewed on the radio and you want to save the interview on your phone so you can listen to it again later. This can easily be done with TuneIn Radio. Once you enter the radio station of your choice, the app gives you a setup very similar to the Pandora app. But unlike Pandora, TuneIn Radio offers the option of radio recording. When you press the red dot on the screen, the app will record the content playing on the radio for as long as needed. While playing a radio station, you can also pause that station and come back to listen to it later. This pause feature is especially useful if you must answer a call or go to class.

Not only does TuneIn Radio have the largest collection of sports, news, music, and talk stations, but it also gives you a personalized feed for your stations. An awesome feature of TuneIn Radio is Echo, which lets you share what you are listening to with your friends through text or email. The Explore tab helps listeners discover top content on TuneIn’s personalized profiles. You can even get reminders about related stations that you might like or when the next football game is on the radio. A free version of TuneIn Radio as well as TuneIn Radio Pro ($3.99) is available in the AppStore.

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