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Style Week OC part 1: The Fashion Island collection
One of American Rag Cie's looks showcased this monochrome dress with sheer, flowy sleeves.
One of American Rag Cie’s looks showcased this monochrome dress with sheer, flowy sleeves. (Bethany Huang)

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Fashion is a constantly fluctuating field. Trends cycle through like the seasons in a year- each bringing in new, imaginative, styles and patterns. From crop tops to wedges, kimonos to oxfords, current fashion is influenced by the many prestigious runways from around the world. Brands like Prada, Miu Miu, or Chanel, advertise their latest styles in magazines like Vogue or Glamour, where millions of people wait anxiously for their upcoming publications.

Last month, however, the residents of Orange County had the special opportunity to be caught up and informed about the current season’s hottest trends in person during OC Style Week—ten days, three locations, and the latest and greatest style updates. This showcase-packed venues are native to the Orange County area, and has grown to be a formidable force in the world of fashion, including Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum, and the Marketplace.

On Friday September 12, the official Fashion Island Collection runway show promptly began at 7 PM. Guests were seated by order of first come first serve; the line to enter was long and winding, though there were the rare and lucky few that went immediately to their reserved seats. The velvet rope was eventually removed, and people from all walks of life floated to their chairs—from curious shoppers and impatient children, to glamorous couples looking as if they were the ones to walk down the stage.

Ankle boots are a major fall trend. (Bethany Huang)

Bloomingdale’s was up first with a stunning fall collection of florals, black textures and metallics. Ella Moss followed with a slightly tamer, yet no less beautiful line up. Layers were effectively used, and patterned gringos/drawstring pants appeared frequently. Kimonos were an important summer staple, but as stated by Tara Delbaknsh (Jr.),big cardigans are going to be the kimonos of fall.” It looks as if large and flowy cardigans have taken the kimono’s place as the new must-have.

Splendid was the third brand to display their latest trends, and showed a darker palette paired with pops of color. Black ankle boots are a huge hit this year, and many fashion lines pair these versatile shoes with a wide variety of styles. Splendid used them to ground their otherwise daring outfits, Ella Moss created whimsical looks by pairing the boots with oversized cardigans, and Bloomingdale’s incorporated these heeled wonders with many shades of florals and metallics. When Katherine Bannykh (So.) was asked about fall footwear, she said, Ankle boots are going to be a huge trend this fall, and legwarmers are a must.’’

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Oranges and reds continue to be colors popularly incorporated into fall fashion. (Bethany Huang)

Up next came American Rag Cie (AR) and Trina Turk. AR projected an edgier look than Trina Turk did, focusing on metallics, blacks, and leather jackets and pants.  Ankle boots and lug soles made an appearance once again. Designs from Vince Camuto followed, and featured geometric patterns and orange color splashes, as predicted by Susan Lee (Jr.). She said, I can see orange and reds making a comeback, and I think boots are going to be pretty big this year as well.” Her observation also extended to the next line’s top looks. Joie followed with greys, reds, and oranges that played a major part in the presentation. Joie also incorporated oversized sweaters and comfy cardigans as well. Many of the brand’s pop-color techniques were especially eye catching, and this trend is predicted to be a big one, this fall. Finally, Nordstrom closed out the show with a hard-hitting collection of classic fur, edgy blacks, metallic themes, and jumpsuits.

Summer has come and gone, and fall is sweeping through, bringing in black leather, pop-out reds, furs, ankle boots (heeled, and mostly black) fashionable layers, oversized sweaters, animal prints, and many other trends. OC Styleweek shows that stores might know their trends, but University High School students do too.

Read on for coverage of the next runway event—this time at Irvine Spectrum, with your favorite stores like Macy’s, Foreign Exchange, Tilly’s, Active Ride Shop, and Hot Topic, representing their top looks for Fall 2014 to the theme of “Street Scene.”

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