Chocolate: a poem

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Chocolate: a poem

Staff Writer

Illustration by Nancy Wu

I wish life were really like a box of chocolate.
I wish we could spend all our time living in that tasty delight,
Because everything is wonderful in a box of chocolate.
There are complicated flavors and weird tastes and crazy colors:
Every bite takes you for a crazy ride,
Every cake, milk, cup, or candy
Gives a new experience and marks a smile on your face,
And that is all anyone really needs.
Whenever you’re cheerful it’s here for celebration,
Whenever you’re sad it’s here to cheer you up again.
Through all the hardships around you,
There is always comfort in that box of chocolate.
Every one of those flavors fills with joy,
The best part of Christmas,
The best part of Halloween,
The best part of Easter.
Times to reflect, and love, and eat chocolate…

So would we not be constantly happy?
If life really were a box of chocolate.

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