City of Angels: a poem

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City of Angels: a poem
city of angels_cr
Illustration by Nancy Wu

Staff Writer

Lakers and Clippers,
Bruins and Trojans,
A city divided.
If you asked me what I see, I’d tell you.
I see a city of opposites, a town divided
I see investment bankers,
and homeless veterans
I see 99 cent stores,
and Rodeo Drive
I see broken down houses,
with grass as tall as my knees,
and I see houses that I am not even allowed to see.
Some say the city is beautiful and most regard it as such,
But those people only see what they want to see.
To them, nothing else matters much.
I guess it is true what they say:
For a few to be wealthy,
Many others must pay.
Walking downtown, I see buildings as tall as the clouds
With glass windows shouting their names aloud.
Citigroup, Chase, and the once great Lehman’s.
Is this really the City of Angels?
Or is it the City of Demons.

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