Star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo may return to his old club, Manchester United

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Star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo may return to his old club, Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo (#7) may return to his old team, Manchester United (Jonne Roriz/Fotoarena/Zuma Press/MCT)

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Portugal’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid back in 2009 for a record fee of 94 million euros, making him the most expensive player in the world. Ronaldo previously played with Manchester United for 7 years. It was stated that Ronaldo was the greatest loss for the club and it hoped to eventually get him back to Old Trafford, Manchester United’s stadium. Ronaldo has had his prime with Real Madrid for 6 years, helping lead the team to several League titles. He has also made a lasting impression by giving Real Madrid “La Decima”, the 10th Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League trophy in 2013.

Although Ronaldo is playing at one of the greatest football clubs in the world, Ronaldo still feels a part of him belongs in England. Rumors spread every year that Ronaldo may return to Manchester United, but until now, Ronaldo has stated that he is happy at Real Madrid.

However, after the team lost many key players that Ronaldo has built close relationships with over the years, it is believed that Ronaldo wants to come back home. A group of loyal Manchester United fans have initiated a campaign called “Bring Ronaldo back”. The campaign started with just a dozen followers and now has gained thousands of followers. On the 28th of September, Real Madrid faced Villareal in a league game. Suddenly, in the second half, a plane flew over the stadium with a banner saying “come home Ronaldo-United Reel”. The campaign paid for the plane in hopes that Ronaldo would see it and consider coming home.

Ronaldo said in an interview with ESPN after the game that “Everyone knows that —I have said it many times —Manchester is in my heart. I left many good friends there, the supporters are amazing and I wish I can come back one day.”

Although he is under a contract till 2018, the player can still negotiate a deal, but it is believed that his price tag is unmatchable if he was to return back, since Manchester United just made expensive purchases for Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao. Real Madrid’s coach Carlo Ancelloti said in a press conference after a friendly international match in September that “Ronaldo is happy at Real Madrid and has no intentions of moving.”

Former Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson, who managed Ronaldo, said that he has spoken to Ronaldo, trying to encourage him to return back. But the question still remains: will Ronaldo return or is it just another rumor? Vijay Sachet (Sr.) said “Ronaldo is an excellent player and has done great achievements with Real Madrid, it would be great to see him back in United but it is hard to tell if it’s really going to happen. It’s just that he won’t fit in the current squad, we will just have to wait and see how the team will be doing”. The season has just begun for Real Madrid, and it is unclear what he will be doing after this season. Both teams strive to have him, since he is a crucial player to have on the pitch at any time.

What’s at stake? If Ronaldo decides to transfer to Manchester United after the end of the season, the Red Devils will only strengthen its forward line with his help, but Ronaldo will likely have a hard time adjusting to the new formation. After Angel Di Maria joined Manchester United at the beginning of the season and claimed jersey number 7, Ronaldo will have to give up his famous number and use another number, which would not be appreciated by Ronaldo since 7 has been his main number everywhere. Real Madrid would suffer after losing this crucial player that has contributed a lot to the team, but perhaps with the help of Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez, the team can progress and still stay on target.

On the other hand, if Ronaldo decides to remain at Real Madrid, the team will only improve its chemistry among the players it already has and hope to be victorious with the squad it manages. For Manchester United, the team will aim to progress with Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria as it begins to loosen up and adapt to the Red Devils tactics. Although it would be a blow for the fans if they cannot get Ronaldo once again, the loyal fans will not give up and attempt it again, hoping to make the dream come true for all of Manchester United.

For Ronaldo, being at either club would satisfy him since both clubs have the same goal in mind: to win titles. Maybe Ronaldo would enjoy going back to Old Trafford since it was the “home” that raised him and made him the player he is now. But after Real Madrid has just won the Champions League last year and have a lot of hope of repeating it, Ronaldo might consider staying put at the Bernebeu.

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