Band performs first concert of the year

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Band performs first concert of the year
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Mr. Heddon bows with the band after as riveting performance. (Charlene Huang)

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A hum of instrumental harmony filled the big theater at University High School as musicians tuned up their instruments before the inaugural band concert on October 29th, 2014. Parents sat in the audience, snapping pictures and setting up tripods to capture the culmination of their children’s effort and hard work, while students gathered in support of their friends performing onstage. The theater promptly came alive with the piping of the flutes, the boom of the tubas and the blasting of the trumpets, all under the fluid direction of band director Corey Heddon (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.) and student teacher, Rudy Silva (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.). Each piece performed packed its own unique elements. Songs like “Joy Revisited,” by Symphonic Band were bright and cheerful, while other pieces like “October” by Wind Ensemble and “Conundrum” by Concert Band were dramatic, heightened by unexpected crescendos and diminuendos. The music evoked a strong emotional reaction from the audience, a result of skillful conducting and cohesive instrumentals. The Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble performed their respective pieces and transitioned smoothly during interludes.

Denise Zhou (Sr.) of Wind Ensemble said, “Typically we don’t have a fall concert for band so including one this year has been a little strange…But we definitely get the chance to focus more on the music and the skills necessary to get out of that marching mindset and into this more formal setting. I think that’s what the intention was of hosting a fall concert and I feel it’s definitely improved all three bands.”

Agreeing with Zhou, Mr. Heddon said, “I was incredibly proud [of their performance]. This was the best show and the best group of students I’ve had”.

The inaugural band concert of 2014 was a huge success, drawing in support from parents, teachers and students alike. Those in attendance helped raise plenty of money to support the band program at University High School, and partook in a night of amazing music that showcased students’ amazing talents.

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