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Eureka: a restaurant review

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The University Town Center (UTC) is a popular dining spot for many University High School (UHS) students, both during lunch and after school. Many of the restaurants located in UTC are fast-food oriented, so students can get their food relatively quickly and to-go. On the other hand, Eureka, a newly opened American-style restaurant at UTC, is unique not only known for its food but also for its sit-down arrangement.

Eureka is a sophisticated restaurant, with large sit-down tables for big groups, outdoor two-person tables for more intimate dinners, a fountain, a fire decor and a valet. The prices range from $10 to $20 for entrees while most desserts and appetizers are under $10. Though the food was quite expensive, the prices were expected considering the high-end service and environment of the restaurant. The restaurant offered a wide range of options, from burgers and large salads to fancier entrees like smoked salmon. Customers also have the option of adding a side of bacon, mashed potatoes, small salads or vegetables. Eureka is convenient for those with specific diet preferences; it offers vegetarian versions of burgers and can substitute the buns for lettuce for a healthier meal.

When I visited Eureka, my smoked salmon was cooked perfectly and came with a delicious ginger sauce and small tomato salad. The dish was not too large, making the meal guilty-free. The portions served as a pleasant change from the huge amounts of food served in other typical American-styled restaurants.

Additionally, Eureka has a large selection of sodas and fancy desserts, including chocolate cakes and apple crumbles. For dessert, I had a warm apple crumble with a hint of cinnamon that was neither too heavy nor too light in taste – the perfect way to end the dinner. The entire meal took a little less than an hour to finish, including waiting time. The food took a little long to arrive, but the restaurant was a comfortable setting to wait in. Our servers were very friendly and constantly came over to ask if we needed anything, and the ambience was very pleasant, with relatively loud music but large open spaces. Overall, I recommend Eureka for its good balance between fast-food and high-class service. Though this restaurant is probably too high-end for a daily lunch stop, it offers a nice change from other restaurants at UTC and serves as the perfect spot for a nice date night or a weekend dinner with the family.

4143 Campus Dr

(949) 596-8881

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am-12:00 am, Sunday: 10:00 am-12:00 am



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