World is a Song: a poem

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World is a Song: a poem

Staff Writer

Illustrated by Vicki Chen

Would you care to hear my wish?
Behind these walls of gibberish,
a message settles soft and clear.
Sweet and soothing in your ear,
shall sigh the notes we often fear.
Are all the tunes and tones so queer?

Surely, we shall dance away,
the darkest night and brightest day.
Surely, the score will be kept
beneath the beds of those who slept
Away the morning as it crept.
Then, the band was quite inept.

I’ve seen the end, and now the start,
And somewhere deep inside my heart,
I ache to warn this wayward crowd
that yearns to feel but is too proud,
that loses its place like a wandering cloud,
and searches for love that can’t be found.
The secret cannot be kept for long,
that all the world is a song.

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