Difference: a poem

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Difference: a poem

Staff Writer

(John Roberge/Tallahassee Democrat/MCT)
There is a part of me
that makes me feel different from everyone else.
Something that I can’t quite see,
something that I can’t quite feel,
something so unreal.
But this “thing” is always there,
this “thing” with others, I will never share.
So I push it to the back of my mind,
all the thoughts of boys and clothes
and make-up, it is hiding behind.
Sometimes, when I have almost forgotten,
it comes back with ferocity,
angry and unforgiving.
I feel so lost and sad,
whatever caused this feeling
must have been so horrible.
A lost memory or something else,
I’ll never know.
Whatever it is,
I know for sure,
I can never let this feeling show.

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