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Isolated: prose

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“They see the bad on the surface and do not appreciate the good deep down.” (Jim Atherton/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)
She gets many texts every day and many likes on her posts.
She says “Hi” to everyone she passes, and everyone knows who she is.
She has the motivation to get the perfect grades, and she always succeeds.
She is blessed with the greatest friends who seem to always be by her side, who act like they care about her like no one else.
She was born into a loving family who provides her with everything she needs and more.

But she feels isolated.

She gets invitations to all the parties and all the social events.
She is truthful and says the right things at the right time.
She has a calming attitude and is always there for her friends.
She is blessed with so many talents but retains the ability to remain humble.
She was born with an amazing smile and a consoling presence.

She still feels isolated.

Does she really have a perfect life?
Why does she feel isolated?
Who brings her down?
She does not know it, but her own friends bring her down.

Really, they make themselves the center of the universe by not stopping to ask about how she feels. They see the bad on the surface and do not appreciate the good deep down. They grow apart from her for no reason. They do not realize that they have the best thing when they have her. They do not see that she is hard on herself and they think that she does not care. They do not understand her. Out of jealousy, they think they are so much better than her.

She does not deserve to feel isolated. Nobody deserves to feel isolated in this lonely reality.
Whoever makes her feel alone should help take her out of the bottomless pit of isolation.

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