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Evernote: An App Review

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Users can create “notes” by typing, taking a picture, selecting a picture from an album, setting a reminder, or even creating a checklist. (Emily Chen)

Evernote, a free productivity app, packages a journal, planner, photos and documents into one smooth-running application. The Evernote web service first launched into open beta on June 24, 2011. Since then, the service has expanded to serve multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, OS X, and Chrome. In-app purchases are available for premium features, including the ability to establish a passcode lock, work offline without internet connection and search text in Office docs and PDFs. However, the basic features are more than enough for the average user to use comfortably. Evernote allows users to create “notebooks,” in which they can store notes. These notes can be in the form of text, photo (from a preexisting album or taken with the camera), reminders or lists.

I enjoy using Evernote because I can store all of my important PDF and Word files on Evernote in a specific journal; this way I have easy access to any files that I may need without having to go back to find them in my email or computer. In another journal, I store PowerPoints downloaded from Canvas for ease of reference when I am studying on the go. Maryam Haghighi (Sr.) said, “Evernote has really been helpful for me. I’m able to access files and documents all tucked away in one location. I even have the Uni bell schedule saved in Evernote, for access when I don’t have my planner with me.” Michelle Thorlund (Sr.) said, “Ever since I’ve downloaded Evernote, I’ve become a lot more organized. I like how you have the option to save photo notes. One thing I like to do is take pictures of receipts and save them under a journal so I can keep my wallet organized and still keep track of everything easily.”

Listed as one of the New York Times Top Ten Must-Have iPhone Apps, Evernote has made its way into the public eye for its practicality and user-friendly interface. The ultimate app for organization, Evernote is a free, efficient and convenient application for managing the busiest of lives, something any University High School student can benefit from.

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