UHS Comedy Sportz faces off alumni in memorable match

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UHS Comedy Sportz faces off alumni in memorable match

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The Comedy Sportz team faced off against UHS Comedy Sportz alumni in the annual Alumni Match on Friday, December 19, the night right before winter break began. This memorable and comical match had the audience in tears. The three part match started off slowly but quickly picked up pace as the show went on. Noah Richardson (Jr.) ran the mike and occasionally threw in the slight jab at the alumni, calling them “AARP representatives and Senior Citizens” for fun.

This match was unlike any other this year; with members of the current team facing off against past members, the chemistry onstage was almost tangible. It was evident that the team members were enjoying themselves, as people were laughing not only off but also on stage.

Alumnus Alan Blake (2012) said that “It was really cool to see old friends and new people I had never met,” and that it was especially interesting to improv with the people he did not know.

The current team impressed the audience by winning two of the three matches against the alumni, perhaps because the alumni were slightly out of practice. After the match, Elias Tita (Jr.) said about the overall performance and experience playing against alumni, “It was great, you know, playing adjacent the people I’ve admired and looked up to for so long. It was fun being equals with them on stage.”

Zane Law (Sr.) said that the current UHS team performed “really well” and that the show was “better than [he] thought it would be.” It was clear that the current team members are dedicated; one member went straight from the stage to the airport for a flight later that night. Alumni in the audience were especially supportive, cheering on both the current members and former teammates.

During the half-time show, Scavengers’ Jake Wigal (Sr.) performed acoustic and regular versions of his original songs, obliging the audience with song requests.

The next match will be on Friday, January 16.

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