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Pause: prose

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“The screen is a large image of her and many familiar faces.”(Hector Casanova/The Kansas City Star/TNS)
Her life has always been pleasant. The people around her have always smiled and laughed, for they have always enjoyed her presence. Her family life has always been pleasant. She has always been invited to social events and had a large group of friends. She has always excelled in school and maintained a perfect balance. She has always had the perfect life.

Of course, she became aware of this long ago and has since then, relied on this perfection. In fact, it is only now that she has begun to question the unusually advantageous conditions of her life. “Perhaps it is a bit strange,” she thinks to herself, “how oddly perfect everything has been.” She has never experienced any conflict.

“How is it that I have always had this perfect life and never questioned it?” she asks herself. It is at this moment that, like magic, a button appears with a screen in front of it. The screen is a large image of her and many familiar faces. The screen has a pause symbol in its image. She comes to the realization that her life has remained perfect because she has lived life in complete pause without noticing it. Rather than experiencing highs and lows, she has remained in only one stage of her life.

She presses the play button on the remote and her life finally starts.

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