Taking selfies to new heights with the selfie stick

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Taking selfies to new heights with the selfie stick
Even celebrities like Ryan Seacrest are catching on to the selfie stick craze. (Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

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The selfie stick: a device that is supposed to help take photos; users can attach their smartphones or cameras to the end of a pole and take snapshots with the click of a Bluetooth-connected button. The poles allow the camera to be extended over a meter away, allowing group photos and panoramic shots to be easily taken.

It is no surprise that 2014 has been named the year of the selfie. With the addition of the word “selfie” into Oxford’s English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, and the new found popularity of social media apps designed for self-photos such as Snapchat, there is no surprise something like the selfie stick would be created.

What the creators had never expected was that this little gadget has been taking the world by storm. According to the Dailymail, these selfie sticks are the perfect Christmas presents for British people. Due to such a boom in selfie stick sales, South Korea has banned people from selling unlicensed ones in early December.

As such a thing has become popular, there are many differing opinions on whether the device is actually useful and whether it deserves the amount of attention it is currently gaining. Vogue magazine called the selfie stick the most shameless fashion accessory ever created.

When asked of his opinion on the selfie stick, Austin Kim (So.) said, “I don’t really see a point in using one. I mean, who would want to carry a stick all day? I think these things are getting popular because selfies are getting more popular since nearly everyone who has a smartphone is taking it and there are also more applications on phones that are dedicated for selfies.”

Julia Cheng (So.), when interviewed, had a different view. She said, “There is no such thing as too popular. Selfies and the selfie stick are the newest ways for human beings to express their extreme loves for themselves. If human beings love themselves too much, who am I to object? I believe that the real question here is: is it bad for people to be so in love with themselves that they will take pictures of themselves all the time and invest in things like this?”

Another factor in the increase of these selfie sticks can be attributed to the influence of peers. As these devices appear to be quite famous among young teens, many might want to purchase one because of their friends, whether to look cool or to just take better photos with them.

Annie Lee (So.) says, “I actually considered about purchasing one [a selfie stick]. I think it’s convenient when you have to take a group picture or one from a long distance. Selfie sticks become really popular among my friends in Korea and every single one of them own one. I hope to buy one if I have a chance.”

But as Stella Shuai (Fr.) puts it, “There really shouldn’t be arguments over this. I respect the art of taking selfies, although I do not particularly participate in it. In the end, it’s a part of our culture. I guess you just have to embrace it.”

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