Cameras: a poem

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Cameras: a poem

Staff Writer

Illustrated by Nancy Wu

It starts with a moment fleeting too quickly
We are afraid of losing a perfect opportunity
A perfect day
A perfect smile
A perfect happiness

We click and click to make things memorable
Or we shall forget the moments we deemed exceptional

So we shoot, believing in the eternity of the moments
And we click, preserving things we are afraid of forgetting
Comforted by the thought that we can keep them forever

We click and click and click.

But caught in the act of clicking we lose so much
The carefreeness of the instant
The trueness of what we experienced
And the weightlessness of time
We solidify the imperfections
And we level all those clicks to the same value

Then we flip through the thousands of images
That document every
Moment of life
Everything seems equally important and yet
Nothing holds any more emotion

In the end we will only remember the flashes of lenses
How obsessed we were with saving everything
And caught in the act of taking out the camera
Of posing for the clicks
Of checking the pictures
We lost the true perfection of the moment itself.

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