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Finish Line: prose

Staff Writer

(Nichole Montanez/Colorado Springs Gazette/TNS)
These are the years of ups and downs.
With all the pressure we face,
we’re supposed to find ourselves.
With all the chaos that surrounds us,
we’re expected to remain calm.
We have to be strong;
one weak moment, and it’s all gone.
They tell us we have to get the perfect grades;
it’s not a game, everything’s at stake.
Keep on going, you’re almost there.
Keep on going, you can’t be selfish.
It’s not about you anymore.
It’s not a game.

You run, and then you crawl;
you have to make it to the finish line.
The others are passing you;
they’re faster, they’re stronger.
You’re losing, you’re future’s fading.
It’s not about you anymore.
It’s not a game.

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