UHS installs new marquee over semester break

The new marquee stands tall at the intersection of Chuck Keith Way and Culver Drive.

Staff Writer

Over semester break, University High School (UHS) built a new marquee at the intersection of Culver and Chuck Keith Way.

Due to the old sign constantly requiring repair, administration decided that it was time for UHS to invest in an upgrade.

After conducting strenuous research and obtaining estimates from multiple vendors, UHS ordered the sign in November 2014, but it did not arrive until 2015.

The sign itself cost $25,000, and with packaging and shipping expenses the final price totaled about $30,000.

The marquee was purchased by this year’s ASB, the senior class of 2014 and the senior class of 2015.

In terms of improvements, the new sign is much higher than its predecessor, allowing for greater visibility.

As it now has LED light bulbs, the display is in color and can show much more intricate graphics.

Stella Shuai (Fr.) said, “I recently saw [the marquee] and thought it was pretty awesome. The old one had been there for so long and it’s about time that they changed it. Now that it’s more updated and with color, I think Uni now is slowly becoming more updated with the new technology.”

The new marquee is equipped with an antenna so that administration is able to manage it wirelessly through computers. When asked about the new technology, Mr. Mike Gerakos (ASB) said, “We’ve got all of the bells and whistles. It’s just… not easy to learn all of the new nuances of it.”

Other additions that the school has been planning include a new bike rack area by the football stadium and a new sound system in the gym for pep rallies and basketball games.


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  1. It is pretty awesome. And oh my gosh, yes. We NEED a new sound system. No one can ever understand a word of what they say at pep assemblies. It’s better when the microphones don’t work and we just have to strain our ears to hear, because then at least if you do hear something it’s intelligible, whereas with the microphone no matter how well you can hear it it’s just a bunch on nonsense.

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