Mind Over Matter: a poem

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Mind Over Matter: a poem

Staff Writer

(Doug Griswold/Bay Area News Group/TNS)
I practice the art of hiding in silence
and keeping quiet to myself all day.
But each night, when I am alone with myself,
I have the opportunity to explore my mind.
These are the times when I see that
the light we create is so much bigger than
the darkness around us.
Someone will watch you rise someday,
and you will see how far you have come.
There is passion burning within all of us,
and it is only a matter of time till we express it.
Let us burn down our walls
and walk barefoot across the coals,
for we have nothing to lose but time itself.
Time will steal our opportunities,
so we must continue through
the burning pain of solidarity
and remember it is only mind over matter.

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