For the Greater Good: a poem

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For the Greater Good: a poem

Staff Writer

(Hector Casanova/The Kansas City Star/TNS)
I was not given a set of eyes to see the flaws in everyone I meet,
a nose to smell the polluted air,
a mouth to gossip, to hate or to judge,
two ears to hear fighting or hurtful words,
two hands to worship the ground others walk on,
two feet to walk over everybody else,
a mind to not understand the way things work.

Instead, I was given a pair of eyes to look deep into people’s souls and see the good in them,
a nose to sniff my sweet-smelling surroundings,
a mouth to stand up for what is right and say what I feel,
a pair of ears to listen to the beautiful melodies of the voices around me,
hands to reach out and help others in need,
feet to walk in other people’s shoes,
a mind to think about others before myself.

I take things for granted far more than I should.
I will start to use my blessings for the greater good.

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