What do UHS students have in store for spring break?

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What do UHS students have in store for spring break?
UHS students plan to make use of spring break in many different ways, from going on vacation to working. (Leo Hidalgo/Flickr)

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Spring break is the long-awaited week off from school that is, including the weekends surrounding it, from April 4 through April 12. Many students are excited for the break from school while others approach the break with resentment. Whether students utilize the break and take a trip to a resort or spend the majority of it studying for upcoming AP tests in May, spring break is a very busy time for many students.

One student who looks forward to spring break is Kya Zavarei (Fr.). “I am going to be backpacking in the High Sierra with my grandfather. I am really excited for this trip because I will be able to have a nice break away from the stress of academic pressure.” Spring break is a great time not only to take a vacation from homework and studying, but also to spend time with loved ones. Zavarei said, “This is an especially important trip because my grandpa recently quit smoking after 40 years of a bad habit, and this is going to be good for his health.” This trip exploring the hither wilderness with family is a change from the normal school schedule and will ease Zavarei’s stress.

Another student who is eager for spring break is Justin Wu (Jr.). “I am going to the Bahamas with my sister Serena Wu (So.) and my family. I’m really excited because I’ve always wanted to visit there.” Wu’s high hopes for the trip were explained when he said that he “hopes to ride and befriend tropical dolphins.” Wu is so excited for the trip that he is preparing by “working out at the gym every day to get that perfect beach body.” He is excited to enjoy a break away from school and to spend time with his family members and the dolphins.

An example of a busy student during spring break is Dan Kim (Jr.).  Kim said he will be “visiting Chapman’s filming studio to help film a short-film musical.” Kim says that he is “excited for the opportunity but is also feeling stressed out.” Kim hopes that he will perform his filming skills well, as it is something that he hopes to pursue in college. Kim, despite the stress he feels from obligations of the project, optimistically remarks that he is “grateful that he was given the chance to be involved in such a project. Although I am not flying off to another continent to spend my vacation, I am still happy that I get to involve myself in this project during spring break.”

One student who is not looking forward to spring break as much as others are is Sarah Verdegan (Jr.).  Verdegan’s initial plans were to enjoy a vacation in Hawaii and spend the entirety of her spring break there. However, Verdegan’s plans were shot down by her mother, who realized that AP tests were coming up and that she needed to spend the majority of her break studying. Verdegan said that she is “disappointed because I was really looking forward to going to the beach every day and enjoying sights of volcanoes and other beauties of Hawaii. However, I understand the importance of studying for these tests. But I still really wish I was going to Hawaii!”

Spring break is a time where students can hopefully enjoy themselves by relaxing. However, for some students, that is unfortunately not the case. Even if you are not spending a trip traveling to Europe and are instead investing the majority of your break in your AP US History textbook, at least revel in the privilege of not having to wake up to the blaring alarm of your iPhone.

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