UHS kicks off its sixth annual Dodgeball Tournament

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UHS kicks off its sixth annual Dodgeball Tournament
Ty Christensen (Sr.) takes aim at his opponent in one of the tournament matches. (Nancy Wu)
Staff Writer
On Tuesday, April 21, University High School (UHS) kicked off its annual Dodgeball Tournament. This is the sixth year UHS will be hosting this event.  The tournament offers students a chance to form teams and engage in friendly, fun competition with their friends.  Those who are not part of a team have the opportunity to watch the very exciting dodgeball games in the gym.  The games often go down to the wire, with one person against an entire opposing team.  A total of 35 games will be taking place over the course of two weeks to determine the team that wins the tournament.   A total of 38 teams will participate, and the eventual winners will win a trophy and a pizza party.  Although it is a competition, the tournament is mostly for fun for both the team members and the spectators.
Tejas Peruvemba (Jr.) said, “We want to win the whole thing, but mostly it’s about going out there with your friends and just having a good time playing a game that’s really fun.” Mehar Nangia (Jr.) said, “I’m not a part of a team, but it’s great to see my friends go up against each other.” He continued that “the games can get really funny and there are multiple games going on at the same time, which is also really fun to watch.”


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