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Cooking with Dog: A Youtuber Review

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The anonymous japanese lady accompanied by her pet dog give their viewers a summary of what they’re about to make. (YouTube)

In the past few years, YouTube has become increasingly popular, transforming into a creative space for countless users who jump at the chance to share their passions. “Cooking With Dog” is one such channel that has embraced the variety of YouTube, creating cooking videos that showcase delicious Japanese recipes with a twist: the host is an adorable grey poodle named Francis. The quality of the recipes and instructions rival that of professional shows found on Food Network. The Chef, a sweet and knowledgeable Japanese lady, does all the cooking, but her name is never disclosed. Instead, Francis, perched calmly by her side, seemingly narrates each step of the cooking process in English with a French accent.

“Cooking With Dog” is similar to other cooking channels on YouTube, like “Taste of Fiction” and “Tastemade”—all feature a wide variety of recipes and entertaining hosts. However, “Cooking With Dog” grabbed my attention with its simple and clear instructions. This channel explained the procedure for cooking complex dishes in a way that even beginners could easily follow. From better-known dishes like ramen, curry and sushi, to more obscure ones like oyakodon (a chicken-egg rice bowl combination), takoyaki (a fluffy batter ball filled with octopus) and melonpan (a sweet bun often found in Japanese bakeries). Watching “Cooking With Dog” is an excellent way to learn new Japanese recipes while also being introduced to the culture.

“Cooking With Dog” has collected a sizable amount of subscribers, reaching almost 1 million since its creation in 2007. The channel’s easy-to-follow instructions and whimsical presentation make it popular amongst new chefs. Susan Lee (Jr.) said, “I tried making some of the dishes on the channel, and they all came out pretty well. I especially love how Francis, the dog, kept the Chef company while speaking in his adorable French accent.”

Viewers especially love Francis and often comment on how well behaved he is. The Chef is sweet and informative on the occasions she does speak, with subtitles aiding anyone that does not understand Japanese.

With over 200 videos to choose from, this channel definitely has something for everyone.

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