The impact of moving on students

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The impact of moving on students
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Since I moved from Argentina to the United States at the young age of four, I have been extremely interested and familiar with the emotional effects that moving can have on individuals. Moving is something that not only alters our address and zip code but also our views on life and our abilities to adjust to new environments and relationships. Moving rebuilds many aspects of our lives and incorporates them into how we define ourselves. It is an experience that can completely range in impact from person to person, either negatively or positively.

With this in mind, I asked some University High School (UHS) students to share their personal experiences and how moving has shaped their lives and sense of self-identity.

Moving from one continent to another is a drastic change, as cultural values aren’t altered on a national level but instead, on a global scale. Samantha Grigg (So.) proves how although such a change may seem like a frightening experience, it can ultimately lead to positive results. Having recently moved from Australia, she said, “When I came I was expecting to be living in a movie. Instead, I got amazing friends, a great education and am now happier than ever. I love it here, and have never once regretted leaving Australia.”

Not only does moving give us the opportunity to change our perspectives such as in Samantha’s case, but also allows us to develop our knowledge of other cultures. Nashalah Mcnamara (Jr.) moved from Oregon and started her sophomore year at UHS. She said, “Moving to Irvine, like any move I’ve been through, was a scary one, but as soon as I arrived here I felt overwhelmed with warm welcomes from everyone I met. Irvine is such a beautiful place with such amazing, and diverse people. That’s my favorite part…. There’s so much culture and diversity and an amazing amount of opportunity for everyone. It was most definitely a move that impacted my life in a very positive way. ”

Moving can affect our perspectives by encouraging us to achieve our greatest potential and accomplish new goals. Such is the case for Isabella Salahshoor (Jr.) and the impact she experienced from moving to Irvine from Michigan. Emphasizing how moving helped her become more in touch with herself and her success, Salahshoor said, “Coming from a school in Michigan that didn’t value arts and didn’t focus much on academics, Uni influenced me for the better as I became able to express my love for drama and take my grades more seriously.”

What can we take from these experiences of our fellow peers? Moving can be a frightening experience because like any other change, it forces us to travel into the unknown. However, it can also give us a fresh start and be an opportunity for self-discovery.

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