UHS Choir closes year with Pops Concert

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UHS Choir closes year with Pops Concert
University Choir performs at the Choir Pops Concert on Wednesday, June 10. (Erica Burnham)

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The UHS Choir performed its Pops Concert on Wednesday, June 10 at the UHS Theater at 7 PM. The concert included all levels of choir, as well as some solos, and was headed by Mr. Justin Olvey (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.), the director of the choir program. Danica Silan (Jr.) was the piano accompanist during the concert. In the Pops Concert, choirs performed music the audience might more easily recognize; performers chose the songs, many of which were quite modern.

The concert began with a fantastic performance of the song “Telephone,” a lighthearted way of reminding the audience members to silence or turn off their phones during the performance. After that, two choirs and the a cappella group Undertones performed. Some of the highlights included “Soon Ah Will Be Done” and “That Thing You Do.”

After a ten minute intermission, the more advanced choir groups took the stage. The a cappella group Footnotes performed “Because,” a Beatles song, and Antor Paul (Jr.) and Nikhil Mehrotra (Sr.) performed their own rendition of “Uptown Funk.” Finally, the most advanced choir group, the Madrigals, performed, opting to sing classical music although the Pops Concert included more modern music. Some of the highlights of the ensemble’s five song performance were “One Day More” from Les Miserables and the finale, “Sleep.”

At the end of the show, Mr. Olvey thanked the audience for coming to the final concert of the year and encouraged those interested in choir to audition. If you are interested in choir, keep an eye out for any announcements in the fall.

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