Former UHS student mistaken for a burglar

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Former UHS student mistaken for a burglar
The UCI Police Department seal is located in its front office. (Avani Kathuria)

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Armed UCI police confronted Bruce Taylor, former UHS student, in front of his home for a mistaken home invasion after a caller notified the UCI Police Department (UCIPD) that a young African-American man had broken into a University Hills house around 6 PM on September 1.  

According to eyewitness UCI professor Michael Montoya, five police officers were stationed in front of the house with their guns trained on the door. However, UCIPD Chief Jeff Hutchison stated that the police kept their weapons pointed at the ground.  

Upon hearing the polices’ command, “come out with your hands up,” Taylor appeared at the door with his hands up, stating his name and that he was a resident of the house. At this point, Taylor was patted down while two police officers entered the house and brought two other young men outside. While they sat on the curb, the police confronted Montoya, who showed his ID, leading the police to call out an order to put their guns away.

The caller notified the police because she believed the residents were out of town and saw activity inside the home. This follows several incidents of stolen mail in the community.  After the incident, Montoya sent an email to the University Hills community detailing the confrontation.  Residents responded back to the email, discussing race and privilege. The community has decided to hold a town hall meeting on September 9 at 6 PM in the Community Center.

This article will be updated with any other information.

CORRECTION: The town hall meeting has been pending for a rescheduled time and date. The meeting will likely be held in early October, but the Sword & Shield will be posting updates as more information is known.

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