Google Fiber is coming to Irvine

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Google Fiber is coming to Irvine
Google announced that Irvine will be the 13th city to receive Google Fiber. (Google)

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Google announced on September 10 that Irvine will be the 13th city in the United States to receive Google’s new internet and TV service, Google Fiber.

According to customers who have received Google Fiber in cities in Kansas and Texas, the internet service provided by Google Fiber is extremely fast, providing one gigabit per second. According to the OC Register, an average American has 10-50 Mb internet speed, which is miniscule compared to Google Fiber. It would take a good 20+ minutes to download a movie with 10 Mb internet speed, while it would only take someone 8 seconds to download the movie with 1 Gb (1000 Mb) internet speed.

However, customers have not been satisfied with Google Fiber’s cable TV. Hundreds of users commented on the Google TV Forum stating they were having trouble updating and setting up Google TV. Another downside presented was that popular channels such as Disney, ESPN, TBS, HBO, and TNT were not included in Google TV.

Google Fiber’s prices are fairly reasonable in comparison to its benefits. One gigabit of internet with cable TV is $130 a month, one gigabit of internet alone (no cable TV) is $70 a month and basic 5 Mb internet is free with the installation fee of $300.  

Even with the downsides, Deniz Piskinsoy (Jr.) is still excited about Google Fiber coming to Irvine and says, “Google internet? Sounds like a great idea. There are always risks when a new product arrives, but I trust Google and am excited that Irvine was chosen! I think one day I’ll be a customer.”

Google stated in their blog that they have been working to improve their customer service. A statistic on their blog shows that 96% of Google Fiber installers appear on-time to their appointments. Google also stated that it takes an average of 33 seconds for a customer to receive help from a Google Fiber representative on the phone.

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