Unknown burglar shatters window and steals $100 from room 222

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Unknown burglar shatters window and steals $100 from room 222
Plywood was placed in room 222’s empty window frame following the break-in. 

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Roughly $100 in cash was stolen from room 222, the classroom of Mr. Mark Michalak (World Languages Dept.), after an unknown burglar or burglars shattered the large glass window by the door.

The robbery occurred some time between sixth period on Monday, October 5 and approximately 6 AM this morning, Tuesday, October 6.

The cash was being collected for the Junior Classical League (JCL) Southern California Regional Amicii Madness (SCRAM), which will be hosted by UHS later this year in November. Member fees comprised the majority of the cash stolen.

Administration had nothing to report in regards to how the window was broken.

The window is now boarded with plywood.

According to Mr. Michael Georgino (Asst. Principal), administration is currently unable to access past footage from the security cameras around campus because the district is in the process of upgrading the cameras. Administration should be able to review footage in a few days.

The Latin department doubts that a JCL member committed the robbery.

Mr. Josh Davis (World Languages Dept.) said, “I don’t think this reflects poorly on the Junior Classical League at all. I really doubt it was one of them, but I am disappointed in the community—no one likes being robbed from.”

“I’m less angry that someone broke in than that someone in the community let the school down,” said Michalak.

James Gui (Sr.), the California JCL board member in charge of SCRAM registration, said, “The fact that someone actually broke in at Uni is pretty crazy. It doesn’t really set back any of our events such as SCRAM significantly since it was only 100 bucks, but it reflects a lack of trust either within JCL or with JCL and the rest of the community. It’s honestly nuts.”

The Irvine Police Department is reportedly not involved in the investigation.

The Sword & Shield will update this article as new developments arise.

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