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Pressed Juicery: a restaurant review
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Juice options at the Irvine Spectrum Pressed Juicery location. (Celine Nguyen)

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Pressed Juicery is a newly opened juice bar in Irvine Spectrum that focuses on bringing high-quality, nutritious juice to all. The store’s interior is open, bright and inviting, reflecting the brand’s mission to make pressed juice accessible to everyone.

As this was my first time visiting a place like Pressed, I asked a store attendant for recommendations and sampled several different juices. Pressed Juicery offers a variety of flavors, from standard taste combinations like Strawberry, Apple and Lime to more exotic blends such as Citrus 1 (a mix of aloe vera, coconut water, cucumber, lemon and pineapple) to beverages with more unusual ingredients like Activated Charcoal. Some of their offerings cater to a wider range of tastes, such as Roots 2, which combines kale, parsley, beets and a mix of other juices. Pressed Juicery also offers Cleanse plans which are tailored to the needs of different customers – these can be delivered straight to your home. The juice can be pricey, usually ranging from $5 to $8 a bottle, but it is well worth the cost.

A lot of the samples I was given didn’t really strike me as products I’d come back for, but I eventually found my favorite in Citrus 1 because of its unorthodox combination of familiar flavors. First-time visitors should take advantage of Pressed Juicery’s sampling policy, as you’re sure to find a blend that fits your taste.

The juicery has only been open for a few months, but has managed to both attract curious passersby and earn a loyal customer base. Susan Lee (Jr.) said, “I really came [to Pressed Juicery] by chance-the store looked interesting, and pressed juice sounded like something I wanted to try. The staff is super friendly, and the juice selection is extensive! I’d definitely come back.”

Pressed Juicery has dozens of locations nationwide, including another one in Newport’s Fashion Island. Each location offers seasonal menus and differs slightly in the blends they have available. Their vegan ice cream, “Freeze,” is available in many of their other stores, and will eventually make its way to the Spectrum location. Overall, visiting Pressed Juicery was a fun experience, and I will definitely stop by again.


808 Spectrum Center Dr.

Irvine, CA 92618

Mon.-Sun.: 8:00am-10:00pm

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