Freshmen Club Showcase is a success

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Freshmen Club Showcase is a success
Freshmen crowd around the UHS Magic Club table as Rabby Yang (Jr.) performs a card trick. (Alex Novakovic)

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The Freshmen Club Showcase displayed some of UHS’s clubs during Homeroom on Friday, October 16.

The tables lined the blacktop, each holding a spot for a club, as freshmen looked for clubs that might interest them. Many clubs decorated their tables with colorful posters and flyers. 

“The Freshmen Showcase was a very helpful experience. There’s literally something for everyone,” said Wesley Newhart (Fr.). “I was most interested by UNICEF because of my interest in advocating for children’s rights and providing emergency relief for those around the world.”

The organizers of the Freshman Club Showcase added new features to this year’s Showcase.

“Overall, the Freshmen Club Showcase was much stronger this year” said Megha Torpunuri (Sr.), one of the organizers. “Arni Daroy (Sr.) and I made sure to educate the IMPACT mentors so their freshmen could have the best possible experience. Nima Mozhgani (Sr.), the ASB Clubs Commissioner, made an incredibly useful handout. It had each club’s name, with a contact email, category, room, and meeting day. That way, even if freshmen couldn’t get around to all the clubs booths, they still got the information.”

The freshmen were able to choose from a number of clubs from many different topics and backgrounds. Many freshmen took advantage of the event set up for them.

“Freshmen Showcase was definitely useful to some people like me. It was easier for me to see all the clubs at one place and sign up to them. It was pretty effective to advertise the club or gain new freshman members,” said Julia Yoon (Fr.). “However, for some people, the time was extremely short to go through all the booths. I hope it is longer next time.”

The Showcase helped many freshmen join new clubs in 2014.

“Last year, this event helped me learn about new clubs with the help of kind club members,” said Naomi Oh (So.). “I was able to be inspired and sign up for a club.”

Organizers hope to achieve even greater success in years to come.

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