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Club spotlight: Geodes Magazine club

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Geodes Magazine club was founded on a belief: Although people may seem outwardly ordinary, they all possess uniqueness and individuality.

Named after the hollow rock that has a rough, sedimentary exterior housing a multifaceted, glittering interior, Geodes is a community of creativity and intellect. It features four sections: Writing, Media & People, For-You and Art. The club published its first magazine last year, which was centered on the theme “Beginnings”. It is currently on track to publishing the second issue, with the theme “Obsessions,” next month.

Club meetings are a chance for writers to talk to their editors and work on article ideas and content. The For-You section features articles helping readers try something new, with titles such as “A Happy Lifestyle” and “How to Build a Mini Terrarium.” Strewn throughout the pages following the first section are beautiful artworks and sketches. Other articles range from exposés on new musicians and actresses who are dominating their industries to heartfelt passages about the daunting nature of new beginnings. Throughout the issue, playlists accompany articles to give another dimension to the pieces.

Sonia Lin (Sr.), one of the Vice Presidents/Managing Editors of the magazine, said, “I love the personal and creative feel on Geodes mag; it’s as if the writer was right there talking to me!”

Carmel Lee (Sr.), the President/Editor-in-Chief, started Geodes after being inspired by the magazines she read when she was younger.

“I loved magazines, which combine my two favorite things: English and design, “ Lee said. “I love making everything beautiful, and that’s what magazines do on every page!”

Inspiration for the club came from Rookie Magazine, an independently-run online magazine (with yearly anthologies) for teenagers run by Tavi Gevinson. Lee got a chance to thank her inspiration; last year, she and the other Vice President/Managing Editor Stacey Yu (Sr.) joined Gevinson at a Los Angeles meetup and gave her a copy of the club’s first issue.

“[Tavi] is from a small town in Illinois and only one year older than I am, yet she’s accomplished so much and that shows me that just because I’m a seventeen year-old girl in the Irvine bubble doesn’t mean I can’t do big things.”

Lee further discusses meeting her idol in an article in the soon-to-be published second issue of Geodes, saying that she enjoyed talking about creating magazines like they were “on the same level”.

The process of putting the magazine together takes a lot of effort and hard work from the creators and editors. Many people create, edit and layout each piece that goes into the magazine, whether that piece be artwork, a poem or a photo spread. The magazine is compiled on Blurb, a self-publishing platform, and distributed to its readers for $8 an issue.

The club’s aim this year is to focus on passing on their work to underclassmen as most of the members are seniors. Two new board positions include Junior Editor and Junior Layout Manager; these members can learn about the effort it takes to put together all the pieces that go into the unique magazine.

“With all the stress of academic classes and the pressure to take on competitive extra-curricular activities, people often overlook their true passions,” said Allison Lu (Jr.), the new Junior Editor. “I appreciate how Geodes allows me to be involved in the arts and connect with others who are passionate about the same thing.”

The club’s third issue will be “Spunky.”  The club meets biweekly on Thursdays during lunch in Room 217.

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