Failure: a poem

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Failure: a poem

Expressions Editor

And even worse, the taste of it.
Brutal. Acrid
Relentless, almost mocking
They say to spread your wings and fly,
But what happens when you plunge toward the floor?
What happens when you flutter,
feel the blood in your wings as you inch towards the heavens?
You awake to the panging of reality,
The drum that shatters hope.
Was it just a dream?
But an illusion.
Too good to ever be a reality,
Too good to be considered a mistake.


Interpretation: We are all living in a world that resembles a game, wandering and contemplating the exact moment where everything became so complex, so complicated. I believe I am not just speaking for myself when I say that fear is overpowering. Fear is dominating and relentless, abhorrent and demanding. My greatest fear used to be failure, especially as I became further engulfed in such a world of competition where tests and grades and relationships and titles were the solitary routes to success. But, I took a step back-or rather a leap forward. My mind consists of all of the external influences that I have allowed to impact me. That is the secret: I have the power to control my thoughts and my reality. I have the power to disperse any thoughts that make me feel like a failure and instead, empower myself. Nobody can make you feel a certain way except for yourself because you are the only one who can control your vacuum of thought which we call the mind. Create your own reality.

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