Kiss and tell: UHS teachers and students share first kiss stories

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Kiss and tell: UHS teachers and students share first kiss stories
Ellie Williams (Sr.) and Dylan Cecot (Jr.) kiss while acting in the UHS play: Much Ado About Nothing. (Alex Novakovic)

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For some people, the “First Kiss” seems to be a very special experience. For others, however, it may be rushed and embarrassing. Several UHS students and Mr. James Garcia (English Dept.) share their first kiss stories.

It was sophomore year of high school and my friends all found out that I had never kissed anyone before, and it came out that this girl hadn’t either. It became this joke throughout the night at the dance we were at, and people were like, “Is it gonna happen? Is it not gonna happen?” and it was all this pressure. It got out of hand, and at the end of the night, I remember I was just so nervous and it just blew up in my mind. We were walking to her house because I was dropping her off, and she just turned to me and said, “Is this gonna happen or what?” And then that was it.
–Mr. Garcia

I knew that the kiss between Hero and Claudio [in the UHS play, Much Ado About Nothing] was scripted from the beginning, and I wasn’t very excited about it, but I was willing to do it because I really wanted the role. Pretending to be in love with Dylan Cecot (Jr.) was a little awkward at first because I didn’t know him very well. But we ended up becoming friends because of it so by the time we had to practice the kiss it wasn’t that big of a deal. I was mostly nervous because I was expecting it to be my first kiss, but I ended up having my first kiss before the stage kiss so I didn’t feel as weird about it.
Ellie Williams (Sr.)

It was in eighth grade and my friends and I went to IHOP after school one day. After we ate, the girl and I went outside behind the restaurant. I got a text from my mom that she was coming, and so it was kind of rushed. We went behind this bush and we talked ourselves up to it, asking if each other was ready. She had already had her first kiss, but it was for me, it was a big moment. We went in for it, and it lasted a fraction of a second. And then we went in for a second time for a little longer, and then from the corner of my eye I saw my mom’s car pull up. She didn’t see what happened, but she saw me walk out from behind the bushes with the girl and asked, “What were you doing back there?” And it was an interesting conversation home.

I don’t really remember the exact details of what happened…But I wanted to play ‘Cinderella,’ and I needed a prince. Cinderella always kissed the prince at the end of the story, and he usually looked really happy about it. My ‘prince’ wasn’t nearly as excited and told on me to my mother.
Yamini Nambimadom (Sr.)

He came over to my house one day and we went on a walk to a park. We hung out at the park in the afternoon for a little bit and we climbed onto the tube slide to watch the sunset. Then he kissed me as we watched the sun go down.

When I was five, some boy asked if he could kiss me. We kissed and then he told me that I was pregnant now. I never became pregnant.

I was twelve, which is really young. I was in Oregon on a road trip with my parents, visiting my grandmother. She lives in a trailer park because she likes the idea that she can leave. Anyways, there was this cute boy and he would always jog around the trailer park and talk to me. On my last day, I told him that I was leaving and he said, “Well, let me give you a goodbye kiss.” So I had my first kiss, in Oregon, on the side of the highway.

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