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Colorfy: an app review
Colorfy is a simplified, modern take on the traditional coloring book. (Adsdesh)

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It’s a scene many might remember from their childhood: the calming effects of an eight-pack of crayons and a pretty picture to color. Colorfy is that memory, but all grown up. The app is the company Fun Games For Free’s latest success. In recent months, adult coloring books have risen in popularity. Colorfy puts a twist on the trend by eliminating the tedious coloring process and worry about staying in the lines. Instead, users pick from a curated set of colors every day and tap on sections of whimsical images to fill them in.

Colorfy is an excellent way to handle anxiety and the perfect app to destress after an intense study session. Advertised as “color therapy,” the app is the ideal place to let your imagination roam free. With over 45 colors to choose from, nine that are cycled daily and several categories of coloring pages available, new users won’t be bored anytime soon. On the chance that Colorfy will awaken your inner artist, a subscription service is available. For a small weekly and larger monthly and annual fee, users have access to hundreds more pages as well as free seasonal packs and palettes.

I downloaded Colorfy on a whim several months ago and still check it every once in awhile, especially when I’m feeling particularly stressed or bored. While the touch-to-color function is unique and makes for very colorful designs, I at times wished there was a freehand function available. Though I did enjoy the app, I would not pay $7.99 for a monthly subscription.

Susan Lee (Sr.) said, “Colorfy was definitely an interesting experience. I think Adult coloring books are an awesome way to reduce stress, and I enjoyed how easy it was to use the app. I think Colorfy would work better on, say, a tablet where you have more room to create.”

Colorfy is free to download, but in-app purchases range from $2.99 to $39.99.

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