UHS holds second annual Unilympics

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UHS holds second annual Unilympics
Michael Jung (Sr.) celebrates after dodgeball victory. (Alex Novakovic)

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Unilympics, the recently established second semester Spirit Week, was hosted last week. Lunchfests were held from Tuesday to Thursday in the crossroads, and Spirit Night took place on Thursday.

On Tuesday, students were encouraged to dress like an “Olympian” in athletic gear and attend the opening ceremonies lunchfest, where they participated in class cheers. On Wednesday, students dressed up in their respective cultural attire to represent UHS’s diverse backgrounds and participate in a fashion show at the lunchfest. The final lunchfest on Thursday involved teachers battling each other in a dance-off and lipsync contest, while students dressed up in their class colors.

Thursday night, UHS hosted a Spirit Night where students participated in numerous competitions like trivia, Mario Kart, medicine ball throw and relay races, with approximately 300 students participating overall. Clubs sold food and drinks to the numerous competitors. Unilympics ended that night with closing ceremonies, featuring a performance from student band Westpark.

Unilympics started last year and is a tradition that UHS hopes to see continue. “We definitely aimed to make Unilympics a lot bigger this year. We had this goal in the back of our head to make the biggest event that Uni’s ever seen through having more events, being more inclusive, and just turning up the passion,” said Mehar Nangia (Sr.), ASB Vice President and the student in charge of coordinating Unilympics.

“Now that [it’s] over, we’re pretty proud of what we did. We had events for people with all different interests from the arts to engineering to dodgeball. Next year, I hope to see the third Unilympics be even more insane than this year. Maybe more technology integration, more events, more music. There’s so many things we could add and I can’t wait to see what the new ASB will come up with.”


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