Assassins game raises suspicions of gun violence

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Assassins game raises suspicions of gun violence
This Instagram, run by Gamemaster Joberto Lee (Sr.), posts the pictures of all assassinations. (Aishee Das/sen16r_assassins’ Instagram account)

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Two individuals with concealed water pistols in their clothing chased a third student in the Jewish Community Center (JCC), alarming the head of security. The incident prompted a school-wide email to be sent out, regarding the game and measures to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences from occurring. The JCC has since been rendered a safe zone by the Assassins gamemaster Joberto Lee (Sr.).

In a separate incident, a student spray-painted his water gun black causing his weapon to resemble a real firearm. Cases of negligence such as these have jeopardized the continuation of the Assassins Game.

The Assassins game has become an issue for both the school administration and surrounding public officials. The school administration has been working to ensure that safety regulations are not being violated. School and public officials have voiced concerns that students’ water guns can be confused for real firearms from a distance.

Incidents involving UHS students participating in the Assassins game have occurred since the start of the game in January, but these incidents only resulted from the actions of a few students.

“I feel that most players understand that they need to keep safety in mind and that they are aware of the possible consequences.” said Lee. “And I have complete faith that my fellow peers will be safe and respectful as they enjoy participating in this senior activity.”

“It seems disrespectful, and we need to abide by their rules,” said Anna Goodrich (Sr.). “It’s their job to keep people safe, so if they genuinely thought there was a risk, I don’t see why people are upset.”

Despite the issues and controversies arising from this game, it still remains one of the largest student organized events of the senior year.

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