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U Jelly: a restaurant review
pandan donut at U Jelly
U Jelly has a wide selection of donuts including this pandan donut pictured here. (@utamsterx/Instagram)

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U Jelly is a small donut shop in Fountain Valley that specializes in desserts and croissants. The newly opened establishment is a partnership between Afters Ice Cream and Fusion Tea Bar.

When I visited U Jelly, I ordered a pandan donut from the dessert menu. It was my first time eating a glazed pandan donut, and I was not disappointed. The green donut was surprisingly tasty and had a slightly sweet and unique flavor with a rich pandan flavored cream on the inside. Pandan, also known as “Screwpine,” is a Southeast Asian plant with a very unique and refreshing taste. U Jelly’s pandan donut was exceptional, despite being a little on the sweet side.

For my beverage, I ordered The Hokkaido Milk Tea. Hokkaido milk is an extremely popular ingredient in chocolate, tofu and desserts. The Hokkaido Milk Tea easily became one of my favorite beverages even though I had expected the drink to be unsweetened. It was neither too sweet nor too bitter. I enjoyed how well the Hokkaido milk blended with the tea, which had a creamy texture to it, making the drink smooth and rich. The service was incredibly quick, and my drink was prepared within a few minutes of ordering.

The cafe itself is very organized and adorable, especially because all of U Jelly’s donuts and pastries are decorated individually with characters such as Baymax, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Minions. U Jelly, as the combination of Afters Ice Cream and Fusion Tea Bar, successfully showcases both companies’ strengths.

U Jelly is fairly inexpensive. Its prices are $1.50 for five mini donuts, $2.50 for sweet donuts and $3 for savory donuts. Standard croissants are priced at $2 and croissants stuffed with ham or Philly cheese are only $3.50. Regular-size drinks cost $2.95 while large drinks cost $3.50. I was very impressed with the shop’s affordable pricing, and I definitely plan on returning.

If you’re a lover of boba, croissants or donuts, be sure to stop by! U Jelly is very welcoming and friendly, and a quick and effective stop for all of your sugar cravings.

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